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Paul And
LP Released: 1971
CD Archive Release: 2001

available: now

Released in 1971 and featuring the original version of WEDDING SONG, this acoustic-rock solo recording debut of Noel Paul Stookey borrows from a diverse stylistic palette; folk ballad, bossa-nova, classical and rock. The CD is sprinkled with Stookey's identifiable 'audio trademarks' (sound effects, inside musical references and a lightness of spirit) yet manages to maintain a sincere and inspirational musical message of redemptive Love.


Makel Lewis played guitar, recorder, and pedal steel three days after he bought it and sang some too. Danny Turbeville did some engineering, a lot of patching and setting up and sang in the chorus. Shelly Yakus did nearly all of the engineering, mixdown and raspberry over the talkback. Jimmy Nalls played guitar and sang. Michael Epstein played drums, most of the percussion, and sang. Barry Flast played organ, calliope, piano and vibes. Eddie Mottau co-produced, sang, played some guitar and percussion. Jim Mason co-produced, played bass, some percussion, sang and did some engineering too. Eddie Ryan wrote some lyrics and watched. Paul Prestopino played dobro, cow and recorder on John Henry Bosworth.  Cameron Kotler played cello on Sad Sack and Paul Winter assisted on the Moon Tune.

Recorded at The Record Plant and The Basement.
Designed and Photographed by Mac Gibboney

Thanks to Mom and Dad, Betty, Elizabeth, Nayma, Tom Flye, Peter, Steve Hance, Carl Keesee, Scott Ross, Gary Shearston, Albert Grossman, Bobby D., Robert Milstein, Nick and Denny, Beryl, Dennis, Santo, Val, the Lowenthals, Ed Thrasher and some others I've forgotten.



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