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There Was A Boy

Noel Stookey
1973 Public Domain Foundation, Inc.

There was a boy
He could sing the sweetest love song
He could make you cry
Put a tear in your eye
And when you were sad he could make you feel glad to be alive
You know he even tried to find a way
To care for all the people who had turned away
From what the prophets say
There'll come a time
When the hearts of all the people will uncloud their minds
And the Sun comes to shine

There was a girl
She was waiting for the someone who would sing her song
When the boy came along
Oh, what a sound when they finally found
The one who loved them
Above them clouds of gray
which had once been filled with rain
Oh now they rolled away
And the music played
Listen to the music play

There is a joy
And it comes whenever Love surrounds
A girl and boy
And it's yours to enjoy
Just for a start, won't you open your heart
And ask the Son to guide you
Every day there's another chance to help someone along the way
To see what the prophets say