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Country Song

Noel Stookey
1973  Songbirds of Paradise Music

And here's a moving-to-the-country song for you
I wrote it 'cause I know you're feelin' blue
Any doubt you had about the simple country ways
Will be gone on the morning when we all move there to stay

Now I was raised in the country
Lived in the city for a while
Met a high-school sweetheart
At a New York subway
Well it changed my life and now's about to change our style

Oh and there's something about living in the country
Looking out the front door at the sun-
light through the leaves, making lazy harmonies
And knowing that our lives have just begun, hon
And thought you don't talk much about it
I know you could not live without it
And for our daughters; clear blue waters
Timeless ocean; gentle motion
Natural living; freely given too
And there's no sweeter way of growing
Just as surely as I'm knowing
We're in Love

When I die, when I die, Jesus take me home
Want to fly, want to fly, around Your heavenly throne
I'm a child of the Lord and I want to go home

Ezekial saw the wheel way up in the air
When we die, by and by
Love will lead us there
I'm a child of the Lord and I want to go home
I'm a child of the Lord and I want to go home

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