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Please Porridge Peace


Noel Stookey
1973  Songbirds of Paradise Music

Please porridge peace
Baby's on her knees
Daddy's gone to China to spread around some grease
Momma's in the front yard looking for a sign
The army's in the back yard looking for mine
Don't you bring a gun
If you come to give us some peace

Punt once, dunce
Keep that football in your trunks
The playing field is dirty and the stands are full of drunks
Defense blues, paranoia's in the news
I surely hope the cracker brings his Friend to help you choose
Which cheek to turn; I guess you'll  have to learn
To give us some peace

Who booed you
The world is cut in two
Everybody needs someone to look up to
Getting down to it
It's the good against the bad
You know you have to do it
Cleanest job you've ever had
Gonna get a brand new Friend
When the Son comes again
Give us some peace

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