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Something New and Fresh
LP Released: 1978
CD Archive Release: 2001

available: now


A large, surprisingly diverse and talented cast of musical guests and engineering wizards put the final polish on this challenging mixture of Stookey songs and concepts.   Truly a potpourri of passion and experimentation produced and recorded over a span of three years (1972-1975) and in a half dozen dozen studios - including the basement of the Stookey family house in surburban New York and an abandoned hen house on the coast of Maine - it nonetheless demonstrates a remarkable thematic coherence; doubtless derived from its spiritual attentiveness. 

This Archive Release includes TOM QUICK, a track previously available only on the original AUSTRALIAN version.


Produced by: Bob Milstein and me.
Assisting  musicians: The Paul Winter Consort, Jimmy Sedlar, Michael Epstein, Michael Lewis, Jimmy Nalls, Barry Flast, Jim Mason, Russ Savakus, Scott Wilke, Joe Freedman, Eddie Mottau, Dick Kniss, Paul Prestopino, Todd Denison, Gene Bertoncini, Marc Berner, Denny Bouchard, Joe England.
Assisting vocals: Peter Yarrow, David Lasley and Valentine, The Lowenthals, The Mottaus and Elizabeth Stookey.

Studios: Record Plant, New York; A & R Studio, New York; Minot Studio, White Plains, New York; Eight Track Studio, Rye, New York and South Blue Hill Falls, Maine.

Engineers: Shelly Yakus, Phil Ramone, Ron Karran, Bob Milstein and me. 

Assists: Chesapeake Bay Music, Dennis Ferrante, Stu Davis  and the Mini-Korg.

Cover Photo: Mac Gibbony
Back Photo: Betty Stookey



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