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The Means Are The End


Noel Stookey and Starplex
1979  Public Domain Foundation, Inc.

The shortest distance between two points 
Is a straight line
I used to play the angles, and wasted so much time
But, you shall know the truth
And the truth shall set you free
And now  the shortest distance between two points
Is a way of life for me

    The means are the end is
    The means are the end
    And the common denominator is Love
    I'll sing it again
    (and he does)

Form follows function
As every architect knows
What you are is what you do
And it's what you do that shows

Somebody walked on the water
Somebody walked in the air
Somebody goes to meet the Maker
Somebody's already there, because


You can separate the people by hunger
Separate the people by war
Try to heal the people by money
Only seems to separate more


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