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Wait'll You Hear This 
LP Released: 1982

Out of Print



BODYWORKS IS: Noel Paul Stookey; vocals, acoustic guitar. Karla Thibodeau; vocals, acoustic/Yamaha DX-7 piano. Kent Palmer; vocals, bass. Jimmy Nalls; vocals, acoustic/slide and electric guitar.  Denny Bouchard; acoustic/Rhodes piano, Roland JP-8, MC-4, Oberheim DX drum machine. EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Phil Johnson.  PRODUCED BY: Warren Peterson/Noel Paul Stookey/Denny Bouchard. PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATION: Mary Lynn Robbins/Paula Crafton/Elaine Sutherland.  ENGINEERED BY: Warren Peterson/Bill Deaton/John Struthers. RECORDING ASSISTANCE: Vicki Hicks/Bill Cobb/Doug Sarett/Lee Groitzsch/Greg Parker. STUDIOS: Master Mix (Nashville, TN)/Sound Stage (Nashville, TN)/Centerstage (Nashville, TN)/Bullet Studios (Nashville, TN)/Poiema Studios (Camarillo, CA)/JTM Studios (Knox, PA). ASSISTING MUSICIANS: Joe English; drums. Larry London; drums, percussion. Sonny Garrish; steel guitar. Buddy Green; harmonica. Farrell Morris;percussion.

COVER DESIGN AND GRAPHIC SUPERVISION: George Spindler and Buddy Chase. COVER PHOTO: Charlie Freiberg. PHOTO PROPS: Tess Parrish, Grady Holloway, Paul Knowles, Phil Hall, Tim and Steve at Radio Shack. GROUP PHOTO: Hank Widick. INSERT ART AND PRODUCTION: Buddy Jackson. DIRECT SUPPORT: Wayne and Jean Berry, Peter Yarrow, Phil and Elinor  Madeira, Steve Schaeffer, Bob Hailey, Jerry Jones. PRAYER WARRIORS AND INSPIRATION: The Belmont Church, The Valley Vineyard, Scott Ross, Pat Conaway, Scott Roley, Roger McGuinn, Michael Blanchard, Bobby, our families. FOOD:Shoney's, Slice of Life, PO Folks, Luther's B-BQ, Hizza Put, Shogun. SHELTER: Briley Parkway Inn. SPECIAL THANKS TO PHILLIP MANGANO WHO FIRST BELIEVED, BOB MACKENZIE WHO NURTURED, AND WAYNE ERIKSON FOR PRESSING ON... 

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