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All My Life

Noel Paul Stookey, Denny Bouchard, Mary Clarkson, Karla Thibodeau, Kent Palmer
1990  Neworld Media Music Publishing

She didn't tell me till the seventh week
Now how was I supposed to know why she was crying
It isn't even like a kid you know
And if you're never born it's not like really dying
    I called this guy; he knows this guy
    He said 'bring her down...
    And if it ever got around...'
'Congratulations' the clinic said
"And does your  husband know he's soon to be a father?'
I had to laugh when the line went dead
I mean I could've called them back but should I bother now...
All my life I've been living in Mystery
    All my life I've been waiting for you
    Soon my life will become a reality
    And new...

We run a service here; we  keep it clean
We don't do anything without a doctor's orders
And if a couple of 'em lose their dreams
They'd lose a whole lot more than that across the border
    You heard about the one who's out
    The other side of town...
    They tried to burn the building down...
I've got a cousin in New Orleans
She said that if I ever wanted I could move there
Keep the baby and get a job
And if I never finished school well who really cares now...

    We told her straight; it's not to late
    He's got to marry you
    It's only for a week or two
Of course we love her; what a thing to say!
I can't imagine why she kept us all from knowing
And it'll all be over in a day
Is there a better place the baby could be going now?

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