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In Love Beyond Our Lives
CD Released: 1990
archive release: 2003

available now


Noel's fourth and final rendering with the Bodyworks band, recorded live in Nashville, was released in 1990 and features guest artists Michael Card and Buddy Greene. Band member Karla Thibodeau Chamberlain co-wrote several of the tunes on this 10 track CD which contains arguably the most political of Stookey's originals, EL SALVADOR.



Denny Bouchard, Alan Diaz, Jimmy Nalls, Kent Palmer, Noel Paul Stookey, Karla Thibodeau.

Guest Artists (courtesy of):
Michael Card (Sparrow Records)
Buddy Greene (Fortress Records)

Audio:Gary Hedden, Jim Kaiser of GHL remote facilities, Nashville, TN. Dale Brown, Henry Martin from Belmont Church, and John Stuart.
Additional Recording:Castle Oaks (Calabasas, CA). Engineer: Mike Aarvold.
Mixing and additional recording:John Stuart of Megaphone (Portland, ME)
Mastering: Frankford/Wayne Mastering Labs, Inc. Engineer: Tom Steele

Friends of Logos featuring: Greg Boardman, Martha Truscott Boardman, Dan Daigle, Diana M. Hudson, Tamara Konczal, Dale Halsey Lea, John Leddy Jr., Linda Leddy, Susan Payson, Lu Ann Post, Ellen Randall, John Rimkunas, Peter Sturtevant, Larney Otis Swell.

Koininia: John Wilson, Dave Kurfman.

Belmont  Church: Jim David (use of facilities).

Harrison Systems: mixing boards in "house".

Cover Photography: Hank Widick.
Design: Designwrights, Inc. (Blue Hill, ME).

Food: Shoney's, Slice of Life, Domino's, and San Antonio Taco Co.
Accomodations: Shoney's, Holiday Inn.

Project Coordinators: Mary Clarkson, David Snyder, Stu Davis.

Produced By: John Stuart
Associate Producers: Noel Paul Stookey, Denny Bouchard, Jim Mason.

Produced by Vision Productions for Koininia Christian Ministries.
¤Recording engineer: John Stuart
¤Executive producer: Noel Paul Stookey
¤Musical director: Denny Bouchard
¤Event coordinator: John Wilson

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