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Chickadee Cherub

Michael Kelly Blanchard
  1990 Gotz Music/Diadem Sky Music

There's a little chickadee cherub
Sitting on a telephone pole
Has a song and with me shared it. 
To brighten up my soul
"Thank you" is what the chickadee's saying
in a voice of praise and play
I believe that chickadee's praying in his very own way

  And we go "Thank you"  in each every moment
  I have never known it to fail when you say 
  "Thank you" in each every moment
  Each and every moment becomes a prayer

Now there's two little chickadee cherubs
Sitting on that very same pole 
Two is better than one when caring
For my weary soul
"Thank you" is what both of them are saying
in a duet sing along
You know when there are two or more praying
God is in the song


Hey look, there's five chickadee cherubs
Sitting on that telephone pole
Five-part harmony they're preparing
For my weary soul.
Thank you gratitude is contagious
One little voice becomes a choir
One by one God turns the pages
Of His heart's desire


There's a flock of chickadee cherubs
Flying from that telephone pole
They had a song and with me shared it
To brighten up my soul
"Thank you" is the song they're bringing
"Thank you" is the lesson I learned
"Thank you" is the song I'll be singing
When those birds return




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