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Parallel Universe

Noel Paul Stookey
1999  Neworld Media Music

Do you ever get the feeling
That we might be dealing with a Parallel Universe
Where the floor is just the ceiling
Of an equally appealing Parallel Universe

Lately I've been wondering
If lightening follows thunder in a Parallel Universe
First the boom and then the flash
In an alternately fashioned Parallel Universe

   Though our lives may feel most comfortable to us
   There may be aliens looking right through us
   They may not even care
   They may be standing there
   Totally unaware too (ooh)


What if nights are really days
hey, you can call me crazy in a Parallel Universe
Where the end is the beginning
Of a counter-clockwise spinning Parallel Universe

My friends are objecting
To my spending time reflecting on this Parallel Universe
They all say I'm paranoid
But I don't think I should avoid
The possibility of being first
To find a Parallel Universe

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