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The Birds Fly Home
LP Released: 1955


* Never
Only You
Venae Naturae 
Blinded by Love
Nursery Rhyme Mambo

Whadda Ya Want?
Real Humdinger
Two Hearts


The "Birds" were  born during the winter of 1954. Encouraged by the success of their first engagements, they auditioned unsuccessfully for a spot in a Birmingham show. 

A face lifting in the group brought together a new group of singers still known as The Birds of Paradise, but still lacking the spark which would eventually bring them recognition. A portion of this spark was added in the early spring of 1955 in the acquisition of Randy Barrett. With Barrett, the group (now including Jim Leach, Pete Kass, Tom Halstead, Howard Leavenworth and Noel Stookey) auditioned for the talent contest on Ed McKenzie's television show. The new "Birds" returned to Birmingham with a victory on the McKenzie program, followed by two successful appearances on radio and a two night engagement at the Birmingham Junior High School, and an appearance at the Detroit Memorial Hospital.

An appearance "on-tour" during a May 1955 trip to Washington D.C. netted the B.O.P still more fans and a marvelous voice and ear for harmony in the person of Don Fraser. Now the group had their final spark. During August alone, they sang for a record hop in Pontiac, Michigan, moderated and entertained at a visiting Birmingham assembly, and made their third performance over the airwaves on Ted Donay's disc-jockey program before school life pulled them apart. Kass and Leavenworth went to the University of Michigan, Don Fraser to Western Michigan, Jim Leach to Hillsdale and Noel Stookey to Michigan State University, leaving Tom Halstead, a senior at Birmingham High School, in charge of engagements for the "Birds" in the future.

During the short Thanksgiving holiday, Tom not only arranged for the group to again appear on the McKenzie talent contest in a review of past winners (which they won handily) but also set the first recording date for the B.O.P.  Here then, is the first recording, "The Birds Fly Home".

The introduction on the record of the B.O.P. was done by Jim Mosby. We would like to thank Monzelle Clark for her direction and supervision and social club D.J.F.R. for the use of their dance intermission to record side two. Side one was recorded in Birmingham High's little theatre.

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