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Doug Cameron

Doug Cameron Doug Cameron, an internationally acclaimed jazz violinist, veteran of the West Coast jazz scene and an artist with eight cd’s currently in release. In addition to his extensive travelling, he has created and conducted clinic/master classes for young musicians.

Doug grew up in a musical family and was classically trained , but his passion is for jazz. During those childhood years he also happened to be a neighbor of Noel Paul Stookey in Rye, New York. The families
became life-long friends and Doug and Noel have enjoyed and maintained a musical friendship throughout the years.


Sue Evans

sue evansSusan Evans has performed with the best of both jazz and folk music worlds touring and recording extensively as drummer for the Gil Evans (no relation) Jazz Orchestra and the Judy Collins Band. Her ability to adapt to numerous artistic environments and lend to them a unique creative voice, made her one of the most sought after musicians around. She has worked with Peter Paul and Mary, recorded with Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Tony Bennett, Billy Joel , Joe Jackson, George Benson, Lee Ritenour , Ray Charles, Diana Krall, James Brown and many others. Susan is classical trained and completed her Doctor of Musical Arts at Juilliard in 1996. Sue Evans continues to enjoy a successful musical
career and lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.



Dick Kniss

Dick Kniss Dick Kniss, who is affectionately referred to onstage as the 4th member of Peter, Paul and Mary, has had an active musical life since he first took up his bass viol in the late 1950’s, and continues to tour with PP&M. Noel says, “I can’t name another acoustic bass player who improvises so tastefully within the framework of folk music.”

Dick spent eight years touring with John Denver; co-authoring two of John’s hit records, ‘Sunshine On My Shoulders’ and ‘The Season Suite’ When he lived in California he enjoyed the musical companionship of jazz legends like Woody Herman, Herbie Hancock, Donald Byrd, Pepper Adams, Zoot Sims, Don Friedman, Teddy Charles and Sal Salvador.

Ed Mottau

Ed Mottau Ed Mottau, songwriter and singer has been playing in bands as early as 1960. His first band was a music duo with Joe Hutchinson. They called themselves ‘Two Guys From Boston’, played ragtime and released their first single on Sceptre Records (produced by Noel). In 1970 Ed was invited to play guitar and co-produce Noel’s first solo album, ‘Paul And’.

Ed toured and performed with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. He put out this first solo album ‘No Turning Around’ on MCA in 1973, also produced by Noel. The album was re-released in 2001 by MCA Japan. His latest album ‘Dance For Love’, co-created with partners Bob Drew and Jimmy Clark, was released on the Neworld label in 2004.

Ed Mottau Jr

ed mottau jrEdward Mottau Jr. played in New Hampshire local rock bands. He moved to Los Angeles in the early ‘90’s with a band called Cairo Stand, founded by brothers James & Toby Butler. They played lots of shows on the L.A. club circuit for over two years, before coming back to Boston in ’94.
Since that time he's been playing in Boston with many different local artists with varied a range of styles, from rock to traditional Celtic/Irish.


Kent Palmer Born into a musical family, Kent was nurtured by a Mother who sang like a bird, loved Broadway and Show tunes and a Father who played multiple instruments; and could write and arrange a horn chart in the blink of an eye.

Kent studied music education in college with a minor in trumpet performance and played gigs at frats and local clubs. In the early ‘70’s Kent met and married his wife, Dottie. He also met Noel Stookey and was part of Stookey’s Bodyworks Band filling out the band as the bass player. Bodyworks toured, put out several records and was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Today Kent continues to perform, freelancing with local bands and still runs his Mr. Fix-it shop, (he can fix anything), out of his home.


Paul Prestopino

Paul Prestopino Paul Prestopino has been playing  music almost all his life—
He got a harmonica at age 4, a guitar at age 9, a banjo at 11; and a mandolin, Dobro, recorder, tenor banjo, electric bass, electric lap steel, etc., have been added as they became needed. Originally headed in the direction of Physics, or the accompanying technology, he suddenly found himself snatched from his job at the University of Wisconsin's High Energy Physics Lab by an offer from the Chad Mitchell Trio.  This was around 1961, and, seven years later, when the group disbanded, he fell into the recording business; the logical confluence of his technical and musical interests.

Today he is the technical third of the three-man team aboard the award-winning Record Plant Remote truck, a lot of which he designed and built.  He continues to play music , both professionally and avocationally, and particularly enjoys playing for Contra and English Country dances.  He has been a member of  the dance band Hold The Mustard since before it even had a name, and has performed and recorded with numerous folk and pop artists. 

Noel Paul Stookey

Noel Paul Stookey Noel Paul Stookey, continuing in his fifth decade as one third of the folk group of Peter, Paul and Mary, still enjoys songwriting and performing as a means of exploring a broad musical and social spectrum. I DIG ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC - his 60’s satire on pop trendiness, EL SALVADOR - a musical commentary on the US support of a repressive government in Central America, the WEDDING SONG - arguably the most requested song at marriage ceremonies today, and now most recently the SONG FOR MEGUMI, are all reflections of Stookey's attempt to musically articulate the varied and often deeply held concerns of the heart.

Noel’s interests are as varied as the music he has created. Not only does he have a passion for music, art, golf and technology but also manages to put his beliefs into action. Point in fact: Noel assigned the publishing rights from the Wedding Song to ‘The Public Domain Foundation’ which has in turn donated nearly 2 million dollars to charities in countries around the world