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'Fazz' was a term created by the late Paul Desmond, alto saxophonist with the Dave Brubeck Quartet describing the 'marriage' of Folk Music and Jazz during a shared musical tour of the Quartet and Peter, Paul and Mary during the 60's. In this current configuration, the interpretative nature of Jazz improvisation is combined with the caring, insightful and often emotionally charged lyrics of Folk Music to create a new musical form


The PROMISE OF LOVE cd, released mid May of 2007 by NEWORLD MULTIMEDIA / JAPAN, will be the first 'official' glimpse of the Fazz material.  Ten of the thirteen tracks on the new disk feature the collaborative work of percussionist/drummer Sue Evans, violinist Doug Cameron, acoustic guitarist Ed Mottau, bassists Dick Kniss and Kent Palmer as well as Paul Prestopino's mandolin and Eddie Mottau Jr on drums. The domestic version of this japanese-only CD, which will have several added songs, is scheduled for release in late october of 2007