Barnyard Christmas

Barnyard Christmas

Michael Kelly Blanchard
© 1987 Gotz Music

All the animals, kicking in their stalls
Dancing to rhythm of a love that's meant for all
They know without a doubt.
And in their way they shout
A baby's cried, the gates flung wide
And man and beast run out

Donkey and the oxen sing in three-part harmony
The sheep and goats all join the motley choir
To the fallen human ear their voices don't agree
But heaven knows their music is inspired

Chickens and the ducks, join in quacks and clucks
The sow is singing loud while the rooster interrupts
The horses neigh and neigh and up there in the hay
A tiny mouse gives out a shout
For God on his birthday

All around the sleeping town there's people waking up
Wondering where that noise is coming from
It's late at night; the morning light still has it's eyes both shut
But in the barnyard, day has just begun

So get up off your seats, join the quacks and squeaks
Hallelujah, God is come. This ain't no time to sleep
A serenade of sighs rises to the skies
The animals can't hold it back, so why should you and I?
The animals can't hold it back, so why should you and I?