By Myself

By Myself

Noel Paul Stookey
©2007 Neworld Media Publishing

They say there's wisdom in counsel
and, though every once in awhile
I remember that's true,
my spirit's most often renewed,
in a contemplative moment or two.

By myself, I've got time for my imagination.
By myself, I can let my mind go on vacation
and I don't have to know the final destination,
when I'm by myself.

By myself, I can rise above the panic and the planning.
Where's there's nothing quite so urgent or demanding.
And sometimes reach a higher understanding
when I'm by myself.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm just your 'average' guy.
But sometimes I need to hide away.
This world is spinning crazy off its wheels
and I just don't seem to see it,
until I can be

By myself...where I can heal the pain and sorrow
when I remember to look beyond tomorrow
and see that brighter light that I have always borrowed
when I'm by myself.

By myself, there's no tellin’ what I might discover,
when I just let one thing lead to another.
Might even learn to live in peace with my sister and my brother,
but you know I gotta start with myself...

This world is spinning crazy
off it's wheels
and i don't know how to slow it down.
'Still I feel I owe it

To myself to take that step out on the ocean
and give myself time for introspection and devotion.
And maybe even thank the One who keeps it all in motion
when I'm by myself.