Cookie Jar

Cookie Jar

Noel Paul Stookey
©1990 Neworld Media Music Publishing

Long time ago in the land of Eden
God invented livin' and breathin'
'Only one rule I got so far...
don't take a cookie from the cookie jar!'

So it all began with Adam and Eve
And the 'knowledge of the good and the evil' tree
When a snake crawled into their backyard...
'Say.. let's have a cookie from the cookie jar!'

Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?
Where will it end? How did it start?
Twist of the lid and here we are...
Shakin' hands in the cookie jar

So there in the garden where they were livin'
Adam and Eve did the very first fibbin'
Up drive God in the Company Car
'Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?'

Banished from their paradise
Followed by old beady eyes
Now even their kids've got to carry the scar...
Cuttin' edge of the cookie jar

Pick up that napkin: cover your face!
Crumbs are lyin' all over the place!
Gimme them feathers, where's that tar?
Somebody new in the cookie jar!

For years and years this game's been played
Lives been lost; fortunes made
Until at last the Morning Star
Rose above the cookie jar

A vision of his Father's will
He died and then rose further still
And now releases every heart
Fallen in the cookie jar

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Guitar chords for this song
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