Dog of Time

Dog of Time

Lou & Peter Berryman
Lou & Peter Berryman Publishing

The Dog of Time is growling now and leans upon my chest
He whines and drools and licks my face and chews my paisley vest
He barks to wake the Dog of Death asleep upon the sill
Who hasn't barked an answer yet but someday soon he will

And the the Dog of Night arrives with all his friends it seems
The Dog of Peace-In-Limbo and the Dog of Broken Dreams
And from behind the lazy-boy the Dog of All Regret
Appears beside the Drowsy Dog of Overwhelming Debt

The Newfoundland of Narcissim paces in the hall
The Setter of Procrastination leans against the wall
The Terrier of Terror and the Rotweiller of Rot
Grow skittish while the Mutt of Life is shedding on the cot

The St Bernard of Belligerence is trembling in the chair
The Corgi of Confusion smells the tension in the air
The Mangy Chow of Gluttony is hungry for a fight
The Pit Bull of Apocolypse is howling in the night

By hook or crook I get them all to settle down a spell
They aren't all asleep but they're unwinding I can tell
I need to settle down myself and think I have a chance
When through the open window jumps
the Kitty of Romance!