Don’t Use My Name

Don't Use My Name

Noel Stookey
©1973 Songbirds of Paradise Music

Say, if we all got together without a name
Would we all have a vision exactly the same?
If we all ate an apple that did not have a core
Would we wonder where it came from
Or would we ask for more?
The higher up you point
The further you can see
The less you try to keep
The more you get for free

If we lived in the darkness instead of the light
Does it help in the daytime to believe in the night?
If we all had the Son, we could give back the moon
And if we did it right now it would not be too soon
Take what you need
Pass on the rest
You can postpone the quiz
But you must never fail the test

"Don't use my name"
Has got to be the most delicate game
In the whole wide world