Fun Police

Fun Police
(by Noel Paul Stookey)

We are the fun police
Do you have a license for that smile
What makes you think that you have got the right To bring that light into this darkness?
We are the fun police
We are protectors of the frown
It's not uncommon in this line of work
To see a smirk turn into laughter
And what comes after?
The rule is quite immutable
A giggle's prosecutable
You tried to hide it just a bit too late
We are new and quite ambitious
Therefore naturally suspicious
Now you've become a prisoner of the state
We are the fun police
And we have had our eyes on you
We might be willing to permit a grin
But only in the rarest cases
We are the fun police
And should we look the other way
There is no telling where that mirth might lead In fact, indeed these latter stages
Are quite contagious
We are the fun police
Is there no limit to your joy
You might have noticed we are envious
But still we must enforce restrictions
We are the fun police
I think I see a twinkle in your eye
If we decide that we could let you go
Won't you let us know what your secret source is now