Hungry Eyes

Hungry Eyes

Noel Paul Stookey/Karla Thibodeau
©1990 Neworld Media Music Publishing

In the middle of the longest evening
Stray cat come into my backyard
And though I think I must be dreaming
I can see the battle scars
In those hungry eyes

(And it's a) simple lack of trust; believe me
That isolates the lonely heart
And like a riddle with a deeper meaning
Sometimes the rain seems to fall so much harder
On those hungry eyes

(Hungry eyes)
Torn and tight; a shadow in the night
Hungry eyes
(Hungry eyes)
Cold and frightened; never let the light in
Hungry eyes

Here's a ticket on the last train leaving
From where we were to who we are
Maybe we can be the first to see the
Angels greet the morning star
With their hungry eyes

But if we never get to see
And we never get to know
The love with out the pain in these
(Hungry eyes)
Maybe it's because we're only near it
(Hungry eyes)
When we got the heart to hear it
Maybe we can only see the Spirit
With these hungry eyes

If you want to know the cost of freedom
Look up Matthew, Mark and John
They say a little child will lead them
And that's the road I hope we're on
Following those hungry eyes

(Hungry eyes)
Yellow and black, tan and hollow
Hungry eyes
(Hungry eyes)
Never make a move that your heart can't follow
Hungry eyes