In Love Beyond Our Lives

Love Beyond Our Lives

Karla Thibodeau, Noel Paul Stookey
©1990 Neworld Media Music Publishing/Twelve Toes Music

Life on the line; a step out of time
Trying to find a place of rest
Cold in the heart; alone and apart
And so afraid we're missing the best (oh-oh, oh-oh)

Poets will say prophets will pray
There'll be a day the vision comes true
If lightening could see then we might be
Hit by a bolt of Truth from the blue...

First we stumble
Then we fall
This dream and this call
In Love beyond our lives, in Love beyond our lives

Deep in the woulds, the whys and the coulds
The cant's and the shoulds weave their lost melody
Then the beautiful sound of having been found
The gold in the ground; our own destiny

Pride, it begins the way that it ends
With a fall now and then we're caught in the crime
With sorrowful cries; pride when it dies
Brings forth the sigh of freedom defined