Jean Claude

Jean Claude

Noel Paul Stookey, Lan O'Kun & Richard Unsworth
©2009 Neworld Multimedia Publishing

Jean Claude (the widow’s son), December 1941, Alsace Lorraine
Walks the muddy road to school alone,
Michel his friend, the fool, is on the train
The one called ‘le train de la mort’
Leaving in an hour for Germany

In the distance Nazi Guards gather in the railroad yards
And curse the rain
Jean Claude kneels beneath a star
Painted on a cattle car and calls a name
'Michel, Michel, à quoi pensais-tu?
This would not have happened if you’d stayed with me
Its not too late, I'll find a rock
I’ll smash this lock and you’ll be free'

We’ll find a place for you to hide.
I cannot let you take this ride
For once the train starts down its track
You know you're never coming back...

'Jean Claude mon cher ami, there are things you cannot see
And do not know
Grand-pere is too old to hide
I must stay here by his side and you must go
Go because you are my friend,
Go because the story must not end with me
Each of us must do our part
And in my heart i am already free'


Jean Claude, now eighty-three, a cafe called “Les Deux Amis”
The clouds are gray
Stirs his coffee very slow recalling many years ago
Another day
Another day, another sky
Jean Claude still is asking why it had to be
He pays the bill, stands to go
And prays someday he'll know how to be free