Lets Go To The Stars

Lets Go To The Stars

Noel Paul Stookey
© 1999 Neworld Media Music

t's the turn of the century
In a bar just outside San Antone
There's a woman with an eye
For a passerby
And she sees that I am alone
She comes over to the table,
Sits down and buys me a drink
And in a matter of minutes
Nothing inhibits
She takes hold of my hand and she winks...

Let's go to the stars
Let's dance in the mystery
C'mon honey put your arms around me
And let's go to the stars

Let's walk on the moon
get positively nebulous
(Just) take another small step for us
And we can walk on the moon

Now it might be just a page
from Pinocchio (a puppet who wants to be real)
Or maybe
Something deeper that we oughta know
But so far only feel (only feel)

Let's circle the sun
Take a trip to the motherlode
Feel the power of the glory road
Let's circle the sun...

Let's take a rocket to Mars
Bet we could 'generate some atmosphere
C'mon baby let's get outta here
and take a rocket to Mars

'If Love is an open door (then)
Space is the perfect met(aphor...)'

You got to follow your heart
Investigate your destiny
Hey I would give the world to see
Us go to the stars...
Reach for infinity
Just take a little squared mc
And we could go to the stars