Love Rules!

Love Rules!

Noel Paul Stookey
© 1998 Neworld Multimedia Publishing

Love is revealed at the speed of light
(You don't need to be a scientist to know that's right)
And Love is Here; today, tonight Love Rules!

You might be young; you could be old
Everybody needs a hand to hold
Somehow we know before we're told...Love Rules!

Love's a beggar but not a thief
'Steals no hearts, 'brings no grief
Just waits patiently for belief...

Love has many hearts and hands
And the ones who seem to understand
Are takin' steps, not makin' plans...Love Rules!

And just like them, I'm tryin' to be
A student of transparency
More of Love and less of me...Love Rules!

Every time I turn away
From what Love has to say
I burn a bridge; I build a fence
I lose another piece of innocence...

Dust to dust we humankind
Watch stars explode and the suns come shine
But Love will watch the end of time...Love Rules!
And when we're gone and in our grave
Buried by the things we've saved
Remembered only for what we gave... Love Rules!

Love is gentle, Love is kind
Love forgives but it is not blind
Love is what we were born to find...

Love Rules!
Love Rules!
Love Rules!
(and just in case you missed the point)
Love Rules!