©1977 Public Domain Foundation

The wounded warrior turned his head on the ground
Where he had fallen
To feel the cool dirt on his cheek
And to hear the young girl calling
"My God," he cried, "I cannot see."
The girl ran from the forest
"Better it would've been to die
Than to live a life in darkness."
And the tears that the young girl cried over her fallen lover
They cleansed his eyes, that they might heal
And so he did recover

Isn't this the way God works his miracles
A blinded soldier given back his sight
Now a scientist may tell you how night turns into day
But he can never take the wonder away

In the cool white light of an office
Behind a security guard
The computer supplies suggestions
To improve the credit card
The new card would be issued at the time of birth
And the credit potential will be determined
For everyone on earth
And for ease of identification
'though there's some aversion now
The credit number will be tattooed
On the wrist or on the brow

And so we build a beast revealed by miracles
As time unfolds the prophet's dreams
Remember what they say about coincidence
Life is always more than what it seems

In the final moments of a sunny afternoon
Around a post the guards are rolling bones
Twenty feet above them hangs a miracle
Greater love no man has ever known
Then suddenly a cloud appears
Darkening the sun
The thunder rolls and a question leaps
To the minds of everyone.

Isn't this the way God works his miracles
A sign of Love for all the world to see
And like those tears of healing, the spirit is revealing
that Jesus gave his life for you and me