Numero 2

Numero 2

©1973 Songbirds of Paradise Music

Momma make a good song writer out of me
It's the only way I can talk to her
I don't want to sing no blues
But she already paid her dues
Sitting in the hall can make you feel small
When the spotlight is on the news

Junior's got a top just like his pop
It's the only spin he can put her in
But she ain't always what she appears
And he's so tired of changing gears
Going up the hill, you better hope they will
Cause it ain't coming down for years

And all my visions
If they were pigeons I could laugh them off
Like a hernia without the cough
But it's all up to you Numero, all up to you

Daddy's gonna grin till his lip wear thin
It's the only thing he can swing this year
Trumpet work is kinda slow
Think of anyone you know
Standing in the aisle can make a fellow smile
When the start is about to show

And all my wishes
If they were dishes they'd be realized
If I was fishing, I would be surprised
Cause it's all up to you Numero
All up to you Numero
All up to you Numero 2