Somethin’ Special

Somethin' Special

Noel Paul Stookey
©2017 Neworld Music Publishing

Christmas day, all the gifts are unwrapped
I'm playin outside, mom's takin a nap
Gene Davis and me, we're 'throwin a ball
that he got this morning and that wasn't all
(he got) an autographed bat and a catcher's mitt
(he's) happy as a pig rollin in...

'somethin special, I was hopin' I'd get
well, maybe next year, if they don't forget (I)
thought they woulda known, thought they mighta guessed
of all of my presents, it woulda been the best
a red two-wheeler (that's a color I like)
chromium spokes and a real headlight...

and in the house, you could see from the lawn
our christmas tree...with the lights still on

then Gene hit the ball, it went over my head
straight for the window, hit the wall instead
I went over to get it, looked in at the tree (and)
there on a branch, I saw a note for me
I ran in the house, gene came too
he said 'probably nothin', I said 'maybe that's true' (but)

when I read the note, now here's the thing
it said 'follow the end of my string'

(it went...) under the rug,
over to the chair,
around the sofa
to the basement stairs
down the steps to the old coal bin,
out the cellar window (then),
up to the porch, out to the shed,
in through the window by the old day bed
out through the crack in the back to the tree,
and over in the garage where I finally see...

a red bicycle at the end of the string
a Schwinn deluxe...and it's everything

I wanted, next thing I knew
mom and dad, were standing there too
all that time, they'd been waitin' for me (to)
find that string, and now I finally see (it was)
a gift of patience, a gift of faith
that's what they gave to me that day (and)

and if I ever wonder what tomorrow brings
well, I just trust my heart now...and follow that string!