David Roth
©1989 David Roth

On the day we're born our soul is placed inside a special spacesuit
An amazing thing of flesh and bones; of fiber, tubes and cells
Each suit is a different size, a different shape and color
And it helps us get about the earth with other types of shells...
Astounding as it seems these suits were built to last a lifetime
Though the measure of a lifetime seems to change from soul to soul
Some will last for many years and others but a moment
Still, each suit has been assembled with a purpose and a goal

The control box for this special suit's located in 3 places
And at any given time there's always one that takes the lead
Causing all the other parts to follow blindly without question
As they try to give the soul the things it needs
The head (or brain) will analyze environmental input
Using logic, rhyme and reason to devise the body's plan
The groin, much on the other hand, will travel on it's instincts
Hooking one suit to another when it can

But somewhere in the middle is the most amazing feature
Often acting as the liason; connecting part to part
It's the auricle of destiny, the pulse of life, the center:
It's the thing we have in common called the heart

The heart, which does so many things, is molded by experience
It starts out very opened up and warm and soft and kind
Depending on the circumstance it stays that way or changes
As it grapples with the groin and with the mind
Now the mind might try to hide the heart (attempting to protect us)
Constructing extra layers of denial and defense
But often that gets in the way and doesn't help connect us
So the groin steps in and tries to recompense...

On the day we die, though certainly it's open for discussion
I believe the spacesuit has fufilled its earthly chore
Providing home and shelter for the fragile human spirit
Till the time when it's not needed anymore
Then the soul will find another suit (it's kind of like recycling)
And though the lessons of the mind and of the groin are still in doubt
It's when we learn to speak and listen firstly from the heart
That our souls won't need these suits to move about

Somewhere in the middle is the most amazing feature
Often acting as the liason; connecting part to part
No sweeter music ever came from any other organ
Than the one we have in common (the one we have in common)
The one we have in common called the heart