The Love In You

The Love In You

Noel Paul Stookey, Elizabeth B. Stookey, Paul Julian, Richard Kniss
Neworld Music Publisihing

My Momma told me at the age of seven
Everything that's good in life is a gift from heaven
And since we met, I'd have to bet that's true
There are times I look into your eyes when
I can see the light of Love inside comin' shinin' through
And I love that Love in you.

I don't how to thank a mystery,
Does anybody ever...
I only know my heart has found its destiny
When I see that Love(in)...

You and me, natural selection
Appetite for wisdom and a thirst for affection
How could we not? I haven't got a clue...
Call it luck, call it coincidental
Or maybe Someone who is wise and gentle
Helping us to choose
And I love that Love in you

Well I'm not worried 'bout the plans we're makin'
Just as long as every step we're takin'
Is two by two by two...
And I love that Love in you