Thy True Love

Thy True Love

Michael Kelly Blanchard
© 1985 Diadem Sky/Gotz Music

Thy true Love
Hiding in my snow-bound winter heart
Breaking from that hard ground
Your flowers start
Their timeless art
As death departs

Thy true Love
Pulling at the shades my soul has drawn
Waking up my days with Holy Song
The outstretched arms of

God, your mercy finds me
Faithfulness reminds me
Priceless grace has kindly called me
From my cluttered kingdom
Earthbound empty wisdom
That proud and raging reason
Blinding me to

Thy true Love
Waiting for my soul to want its peace
Chasing me until my running ceased
Then on my knees tears released

Thy true Love
Pouring out your blood like holy wine and using
That red flood to save this time all humankind...

God your mercy found us
Faithfulness surrounds us
And priceless graces has bound us
To the cross of

Thy true Love
Standing in a world of toppled dreams
Shining through the swirl of in-betweens
The light still beams from
Thy true Love