Under This Roof

Under This Roof
(by Willie Nile, Frankie Lee Willie)

Under this roof you’ll find forgiveness
Under this roof you’ll find a bed
Under this roof there will be shelter
Where you can lay your head
And, under this roof someone is waiting
Under this roof the stars will rise
There will be proof, no hesitating
Right here before your eyes
There will be times when darkness comes ‘round When all of your faith comes tumblin’ down
When heartache appears and gravity falls
There is a place within these walls
Oh, there will be times when things don’t work out When your burden’s too much and you’re swallowed in doubt When teardrops collide and fall at your feet
Redemption is near, right here on this street
Under this roof my arms will find you
Under this roof we’ll plant a seed
Under this roof I will remind you
You’ll find all the love you need