Work Together

Work Together

Noel Paul Stookey/Thomas J. Gray
© 2017 Neworld Multimedia Publishing

the election is over, some say 'what's done is done...'
of course that's easier to say if your side has won.
we've had our disagreements, on that we can agree
and when they say it's time to “work together” I can see
how that's a good idea in principle, but too much compromise
will make us all accomplices // and that's when I realized
I have a few exceptions (I should put them in this song):
it's a list of 'work togethers' that I won't be working on..


I won't “work together” to dismantle health care
or “work together” to lower the minimum wage
I won't “work together” to allow the weakening
of gun control by the NRA
i can't “work together” to persecute the muslim
or “work together” to build a wall
I won't “work together” to limit the freedom of the press
without that freedom, freedom's sure to fall
I won't “work together” to de-fund education
or “work together” to suppress the vote
I won't “work together” to eliminate the funding
for reproductive rights and you can quote (me)


I will stand, my God I will stand
I will stand and do my part
I will stand and work together
for my conscience, for my country, for my heart

I will not “work together” to ruin the environment
or desecrate sacred ground
why would we “work together” denying global warming
with all the scientific proof that we have found?
I won't “work together” to cripple the unions
or “work together” to unplug PBS
I can't “work together” to normalize the racist
or tolerate the hatred they profess
I won't “work together” to turn away the refugee
or “work together” to approve the waterboard
I won't “work together” to create more nuclear nations
as if more of them could put an end to war...