Press Quotes

Press Quotes

"It’s strange to say about an artist with such a long and storied career, but Noel Paul Stookey may be hitting his stride. His CD, “ONE&MANY,” is a rich and brilliantly realized set, ranging from simple romances to troubled topical songs, intimate meditations to a stark portrait of our disastrous drug policies. Stookey’s vocals are strong and sweet, confidential even at peak emotion, as if singing only for you. He’s never gotten enough credit for his elegant guitar, but that’s largely because his arrangements aren’t designed to impress, but to lead us inside the song. The winsome near-instrumental “Pony,” however, proves he is among the finest ballad guitarists working today. What binds these songs is what has always bound Stookey to us: the strength and kindness of his ideals. The sheer endurance of those ideals, in the end, becomes its own truth, offering the same crucial gift that Peter, Paul and Mary gave us so many years ago: hope. Boy, can we use that today."

~ Scott Alarik, music journalist and author

"As sharp, insightful, and progressive in his seventies as he was in the heyday of pop-folk, the "Paul" in Peter, Paul and Mary celebrates the 50th anniversary of his legendary trio's debut with a glorious and heartfelt 15-track set as dedicated to infectious and beautiful melodies as it is to continuing his legacy of hard-hitting social consciousness-raising."

~ Jonathan Widran / (c) 2013

“Stookey lets his music speak for itself..., his repertoire, more inspirational than gospel oriented, is based in human-scaled topics rather than the outward political activism
of PPM.”
~ Daily Variety

The music business desperately needs Noel Stookey. The evangelical Christian pop music business needs him even more desperately.”

~ Salem Evening News


"Stookey has been a powerful crusader for social change through music since the '60s. Fifty years later, his thought-provoking lyrics still provide audiences with musical imagery that moves social platforms. The new music tackles socially significant issues near to Stookey's heart, including songs about social awareness ("In These Times"), immigration ("America The Beautiful"), the Afghani drug trade ("The Connection"), The Holocaust ("Jean Claude"), and more."

~The Examiner.Com / Jim Besseman (c) 2013

“The warm, clowning humor and humanistic sensitivity which characterized the efforts of Paul Stookey in Peter, Paul & Mary remain in joyful abundance in his solo career as Noel Paul Stookey…”

~ Daily Variety

“Stookey is the same brilliant impressionist, the same gangling comedian and the same smooth vocalist he has always been. But outside of the group, (PPM), that made him famous, his versatility has expanded.”

~ Salem Evening News

“…(N)ot a bludgeon, not a debate, not a polemic, not a slickly packaged one way ticket to Parousia…the choice is more powerfully offered through a life lived… and Noel Paul Stookey is quite good conveying that life in an intriguing and sometimes oblique way-through his music, his humor-through his story and his respect for the sense of searching, of not having all the answers all the time.”

~ Religious News Service

“Stookey’s special, infectious and charming brand of humor.., watching and hearing Stookey sing Puff The Magic Dragon as if he were a kid, a pirate, then a kid again brings out the magic…”

~ Music Review