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Noel Paul Stookey April, 2023 in Japan!

Noel Paul Stookey April, 2023 in Japan!

April 20, 2023  7:00 PM
Tokyo, Japan

Noel Paul Stookey gained popularity in the 1960s as the pole of the legendary folk group Peter, Paul & Mary (PP&M), which took the world by storm in Japan as well as in the United States. In Japan, PP&M’s “Misery War”, “Love Vanished with the Rainbow”, and “Jet Plane of Sadness” became hits, and many young people were fascinated by their music and started playing the guitar or formed a band. Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” is a song that PP&M made a hit, and Dylan himself recalls that he became famous thanks to PP&M singing it.

As a member of PP&M and as an individual, he has visited Japan many times.In 2007, Noel released “Song For Megumi” dedicated to Megumi Yokota, a victim of abduction by North Korea. I am doing a charity concert.

After the death of Mary Travers in 2009, PP&M activities ended, but she performed with Peter Yarrow several times a year and still performs and records solo as a singer-songwriter at the age of 85.


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