At Home

Betty and i moved with our three daughters to the coast of maine over forty years ago. since then, i've done the occasional benefit concert - from fort kent to portland - but have never done a concentrated tour of the state in one season. until last year. from ogunquit to eastport (check THAT out on a map), i recorded (and subsequently edited and authored) these 24 music videos for the DVD and (amazingly) all 24 of the songs fit on the accompanying CD.

The songs represent a broad range: THE CABIN FEVER WALTZ (homage to the rigors of enduring the lengthened winter in maine), a new version of WHATSHERNAME (a bittersweet jazz shaded reminiscence of a middle-aged man in denial) originally recorded on the PP&M 1700 album, FAMILIA DEL CORAZON (a new song that speaks to the immigration issue in compassionate rather than political terms), WEDDING SONG (with the 'original' lyric and a spoken introduction) and THE LADY SAYS SHE DON'T LIKE JAZZ (a commentary on a common misperception of the creative process).

I hesitate to call this a memoir - though it does span 50 years of my music - but i DO appreciate the fact that 1) it's all about the music - 95% of the visual is 'in performance', 2) the camera work is intimate - both fixed and handheld coverage by videographers sharing the stage during performance and 3) it's as relaxed and 'stookey' as it can get - what with no accompaniment except my guitar.

'Sort of what you'd expect if we were together AT HOME...