One and Many

like a patch of sunlight...fleeting and between clouds...
or maybe like a whirlwind, invading the quiet of day-to-day with gusts
of insights, responses and the music...mostly the music.
fragments of melodies, pieces of lyric written here and rediscovered there.
the stepping out into mid-air, trusting that the heart is guiding the fingers...
those strings on these frets followed by the certainty that this IS
the way to say THAT...and this NEEDS to be said, and...

ultimately it's all about trust, isn't it?
removed some 40 years from the TOP FORTY MUSIC BUSINESS, i don't
kid myself about being a contemporary in the biz. but y'know what?
i couldn't NOT record these songs. and every step along the way has been an
adventure confirmed. it's easy to see now that this project is the result of
many contributing friendships - some of them well over 50 years old.
my hope is that ONE&MANY honors the warmth of their giving.

like a patch of sunlight...

NPS, 2012