Summer Fall Winter Spring

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I Will Stand
Moon River
Somethin' Special

summer fall winter spring

Release Date:  November 1, 2017

A four song collection as diverse as the seasons: two of them in response to a time of political turmoil, challenging the principles of our nation's governance and compassion. The remaining two selections are reminders of our common humanity: a reinterpretation of a romantic classic and a new song for the holidays based on an old and precious memory.

Noel Paul Stookey / John Gray Neworld Music Publishing ASCAP

Thomas J. Gray's facebook rant set to music. In performance, this song has elicited applause for every line and most times a standing ovation at the conclusion. It is a rallying cry for resistance, a probing query into the concerns we hold most dear. It heeds the warning of my partner Mary Travers to recognize “...the thin line between compromise and complicity”.
*For more information about the guest artists that join me on this recording, please see below.

Henry Mancini / Johnny Mercer Sony ATV Harmony ASCAP

The timeless ever-hopeful ballad for dreamers. At the outset, the guitar chords are reminiscent of Eric Satie's Gymnopédie No.1. This rendering of the Johnny Mercer/Hank Mancini classic sidesteps the traditional lush romantic setting to present the piece more as a bittersweet longing for an authentic and fulfilling life.

Noel Paul Stookey Neworld Music Publishing ASCAP

A holiday reminiscence from a Dorsey, Maryland childhood. Perhaps not an exact recall but close enough to convey the essence of the experience. The bottom line is that my artistic mother married my inventive father and, between the two of them, they found ways to surprise AND inspire me at critical times in my life.

IMPEACHABLE (karaoke version)
Parody Lyric- Noel Paul Stookey Neworld Music Publishing ASCAP
Music- Irving Gordon Universal Music Pub ASCAP (used by permission)

Set to the tune of UNFORGETTABLE, this ludicrously extravagant version of the youTUBE/Facebook viral video is further complimented by the ongoing investigation of possible collusion by Robert Mueller's grand jury, enhanced daily by gaffs, leaks and denials from the white house and Moscow